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Our dance school will teach you the skills you need to really impress others on the dance floor. Not only that, but you'll be able to stay healthy, find a new means of self-expression, and make some friends. It's a great opportunity!

We offer many different types of dance classes. Some of these are based around specific styles. Ballet classes, for instance, focus on this classical form. Alternately, hip hop dance classes are perfect for those interested in more modern styles. We also have modern dance and contemporary dance classes.

You can also learn with your age group. Our kids' dance classes give children a chance to gain valuable skills under the tutelage of experienced instructors. There are also adult dance classes for both neophyte and experienced dancers.

Those who are interested in signing up for dance school can do so by contacting us at The Dance Center in West Chester, PA. Also be sure to ask about our dance company!

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